Furoshiki bag handles

Also known as patchins, these wooden handles can be used to turn your furoshiki into a handbag or purse. A variety of woods are available in two sizes - all of our wood is reclaimed and recycled, most often from pallets, but also from builder's offcuts and salvaged furniture. The named wood handles are very consistent -what you see is pretty much what you get, although we make them all by hand, so no two are ever exactly alike. If you feel adventurous, the reclaimed ones are more of a lucky dip, with the occasional knot or similar blemish, and all the more full of character for it! Sometimes a little blue/grey colouration shows up - that's spalting, a result of fungus getting into the timber. It's harmless and can produce some beautiful effects, to the point that we sometimes put spalted pieces in a section of their own when they show up - keep an eye out for them!