How to Furoshiki

There are so many things you can do with a furoshiki. Below are just a few ideas to get you started, but really the sky is the limit!

Download our starter sheet here

Small furoshiki, around 50 x 50cm, are great for small gifts, carrying lunch boxes, decorative storage and headscarves.

Larger ones, 80cm and up, are good for wrapping and carrying bottles, using as shopping bags, backpacks, picnic blankets, larger gifts, and, when used with a patchin or other handle, handbags.

Like origami, all you need is knowledge of a couple of simple knots and folds. With clever application, complex and beautiful designs can be achieved - we'll start with the basic knot. 

The basic knot (ma-musubi)

It's basically a reef knot - pick one end and take it over then under, then take that same end over and under again.

Two vertical knots (yotsu musubi)

Ideal for wrapping gifts. You can tuck the knot ends under themselves to create a flower effect.

Simple Bag

Adjustable Shopping Bag 

Pull on the knots to close the mouth of the bag and keep your stuff secure, then pull on the sides of the opening to open it up again.

Watermelon Wrap (suika tsutsumi)

Bottle wrap with belt

Bottle wrap with handle (bin tsutsumi)

Bottle wrap concertina

Lattice gift wrapping


A beautiful gift presentation, not for beginners, though - be careful to keep track of your ends, and look for that signature square pattern at the end.

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